Some of the best pop up tents have bedrooms lined with ‘blackout’ material

When camping in the great outdoors, you want to be able to set up camp quickly and easily. That’s where pop-up tents come in handy. These tents don’t require poles or pegs to be erected and they often only take 60 seconds to fully expand from their compact bags. They can be used as a simple shelter or they can provide extra space to sleep in at the end of a long hike.

When buying a pop up tent, it’s important to look at the capacity and weight of the tent. Tents are usually categorised as ‘two-person,’ ‘four-person’ and so on. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that a lot of these tents can only be classed as two-person tents at best. Having said that, many people find that a two-person tent is perfectly adequate for short trips.

Another thing to look for is the tent’s ventilation. Most tents have vent flaps which open and close with zippers, so it’s vital to check how durable these are. Plastic zips tend to be less durable than metal, so go for a tent with stainless steel zippers.

Some of the best pop up tents have bedrooms best pop up tent lined with ‘blackout’ material, which helps keep light out and keeps the bedroom cool and dark – perfect for those who struggle to sleep in bright environments or with little ones. Other tents have a breathable mesh inner door which provides excellent airflow and prevents bugs from getting in.

The Kazoo 2-Person tent is a good example of a tent that’s easy to set up, but also has plenty of room for two people to sleep. It also has two doors, which makes it easier to get in and out, plus a gear loft for keeping your stuff organized. If the weather turns bad, the rainfly can be rolled up and snapped into place, giving you extra protection from the elements. It’s also very lightweight – just 3 pounds and 14 ounces – which means that it’s easy to carry on backpacking trips.